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Apple’s “Clips” Takes The Snapchat/Instagram “Stories” Idea To Another Level


Apple’s camera app over time has been successfully leveraged on by the likes of Instagram and Snapchat and as they say the story is different today. Instagram for example now has about 500 million users while Snapchat boasts of over 150 million and when you add the new look of Facebook’s Messenger app which now relies big time on your iPhone camera app, the list keeps growing.

But it looks like Apple wants a share of the fun it created without knowing with the announcement of Clips. Unlike its other attempts like iMovie used to edit videos on the iPhone and Mac, Clips allows you to record a video and afterwards edit from the Clips palate. It gets more interesting because, you can actually dictate captions that will be used in your eventual clip.

The yet to be launched might give both Instagram and Snapchat Stories some competition with the basic difference being that your Clips are saved on your device instead of disappearing after 24 hours. The other difference is that while Stories allows you upload some seconds long videos, Clips could extend well into an hour and as you might start thinking, this is not just another social media feature as you can use this to conduct online tutorials.

On the easy sharing side, starting with iOS 9, Apple made it easy to share just about anything on your iPhone to sites that you’re signed into on your phone and this means sharing your Clips will that easy.

While we don’t know whether Apple might extend such an app to other operating systems in future to have it share of the social space, they do have the challenge of attracting many of Instagram and Snapchat users.

While Facebook has been often accused of cloning some Snapchat features (and it’s making some users angry), Clips does take the idea to another level by introducing voice dictations and a rich edit to the service.

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