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Become A Digital Parent Today By Monitoring What Your Kids Share On WhatsApp Using This Tool


How WhatsApp Spying Creates a More Aware Digital Parent

I know how sometimes catching up with your children’s tech trends can be exhausting. Just when you thought you’ve caught up with Facebook, they’ve moved onto Twitter and so forth. But that’s what we’re here for. To keep you informed so you can be the alert digital parent. So today, we’ll talk to you about WhatsApp spying. The reason this is so important in 2014 is because kids are increasingly using WhatsApp, the instant messenger as their means of communication. And if you’re not monitoring this, you’re eluding 70% of their digital communications.

Why is WhatsApp Monitoring Important?

Well, for starters, conversations on WhatsApp tend to go longer than your average SMS conversations. The reason is simple: WhatsApp is not only free, it is instant. And for another thing, it allows kids to have group conversations, which means more than 2 people can be involved in one window. See why monitoring WhatsApp becomes so important?

XNSPY, the Number 1 WhatsApp Monitor

So when I talk to you about monitoring your kid’s WhatsApp, one software comes to mind: XNSPY. It is the parenting app that lets you remotely view all the activities on your child’s smartphone. And this includes WhatsApp. With XNSPY, you’ll be able to view your kid’s chats live as they are happening. As if you were actually holding their phone. You’ll be able to

  • Read through the entire WhatsApp chats
  • View all the media shared through those chats
  • Retrieve the names and numbers of the WhatsApp contacts
  • Know the exact time and date at which each message was sent/received

You can also set limits by putting some contacts or words on your ‘Watchlist’. So any time a suspicious word is used or an undesirable contact messages your kid, you will be sent a notification.

Be a Complete Digital Parent

Leaving children unattended with their smartphone is not only irresponsible, it is also dangerous. WhatsApp spying and monitoring their phones as a whole only makes you a more responsible digital parent who is in tune with their kid’s technologies. Buying XNSPY might just let you protect your kids better.

Hanry James contributed this to TechBooky via hanryjames123@gmail.com

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