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10 Ways Your Blog Writer Can Improve Lead Generation for Your Business


Blogging is a great way to generate leads for your business. It allows you to build an audience and maintain a personal relationship with that audience through consistency. This will help your brand and business gain more customers as well as generate better word of mouth. However, blogging isn’t just about posting written content on your website or taking care of grammatical mistakes. It also entails being relevant and generating interest, most of all. Hence, successful blogging requires a level of professionalism and experience that novices don’t have. That’s why you should hire blog writers for this job.

Not only will blog writers create quality content for your website, but they will also improve its traffic through their skills. Professional blog writers develop tailored content to improve the readability of your blogs and satisfy your niche. They will also take steps to understand your audience so that they gravitate towards that content.

So, here are 10 great ways that blog writers can help improve lead generation for your business.

1.     Offering Exclusive Content

Lead generation requires your content be unique in some way

Offering exclusive content means that you need to give your customers something that your competitors can’t. Of course, this won’t always be possible, and that’s why you need professional blog writers. You need someone to transform your content into something that your audience target will love reading. Your blogs should stand out from the ocean of posts out there on similar subjects.

This doesn’t mean that you have to come up with new topics every time. However, you do need to offer nuggets of information that is different from your competitors. The information also needs to be phrased and presented in a way that is very different from others. That is the value that will attract readers to your blog.

The key word here is value. With Google consistently updating its algorithms to search for value, this is crucial. So many posts out there have the same thing regurgitated. If you offer something different that readers can’t find anywhere else, the algorithm will ultimately favor you. Hence, your post will climb up the search results, leading to better leads.

2.     Writing Guest Blogs

Guest blogging allows you to expand your audience

Guest posting is great for blogs. Guest posts not only imbue a lot of authority, but they also allow you to expand to other territories. For example, if there is a blog that people trust and you get an opportunity to post on it, you can generate leads. These leads would come from different niches and different demographics that don’t normally visit your site.

This is key to expanding the reach of your blog and thus, your business. It requires you to follow the rules of the guest posting blog and adhere to certain unwritten rules too. If you’re going to consistently post on guest blogs, you should get professional blog writing services. This will ensure that your tone is professional and that you don’t sound like a novice. Guest blogs usually only take the cream of the crop and can recognize novices when they try to sneak past them. The key word here is building authority. Remember, you’re not just gunning for the guest blog’s minimum requirements here; you actually want to impress the readers. If you can do that, then guest blogging will work wonders for you.

3.     Using the Comment Section to Your Advantage

Comments can be a great source of content

Professional blog writers aren’t just good at coming up with interesting content ideas and doing research. They’re also great at rummaging through the comment sections of blogs and getting content ideas from there. Comment sections are a great resource for content since they are an indicator of how popular certain posts are.

It doesn’t matter if people are criticizing, praising, or analyzing a blog post. If there is any activity, then there’s probably a content idea in there somewhere. Blog writers can also extract a lot of spin off topics from the comment section. Better yet, they can analyze the comments to see how popular the blog post is and write about it again. These are all great ideas that can be turned into content if you get the right blog writers for your site.

4.     Posting Consistently

Consistently posting is half the battle in blog writing

One major advantage of hiring blog writers is to get a consistent stream of blogs. This is paramount for lead generation. When a blog or site is active and consistently posting, Google favors it in the search results. It shows that the blog is up and running. Hence, you are more liable to get leads from people searching for your content, as a result.

This is not to say that you should post every day on your blog. On the contrary, it just means that you should post regularly and stick to a schedule. This means that you’ll have to post either weekly or a few times a week, etc. Whatever the case, you shouldn’t miss that window, otherwise, you’re likely to drop in relevance and disappoint your readers.

What’s more, if you continue to post consistently, you’re more likely to build a lead-generation positive feedback loop. Building leads takes time. All it requires is consistency. If you hire professional blog writers to keep posting relevant content, leads will take care of themselves. If you don’t keep up with consistency, your site will definitely decline in relevance.

5.     Using Hyperlinks to Direct Traffic to Your Highest Converting Pages

Hyperlinks can help build leads for your blog

Not adding hyperlinks to your blog is a giant mistake. Adding links in your blog posts that link back to your blog can help boost its ranking in Google’s search results. If your blog reaches the top of search results, it means that you’ll be able to direct more traffic. That traffic will not only lead to more clicks on those hyperlinks, but more conversions, more profits, more revenue, etc. 

What’s more, if you link authoritative sources to your blog, it’s more likely to be more trustworthy. That will increase its value and thus rank better on Google. You can also link to other blogs on your site. What this does is create a positive feedback loop of authoritative links that help increase your site’s ranking.

6.     Repurposing Old Content

Repurposing old content works

Repurposing old content becomes a necessity at one point in time. Whether it’s to commemorate a certain holiday or shed light on an event, or to take advantage of a trend. Content ideas don’t come along every single week. Sometimes, during a dry period, it’s best to take an old topic and write about it again. Preferably, this should be a topic that has been popular on your site. It should be a topic that received a lot of attention.

A lot of influencers do this all the time. They take an old post or an old video or image and change the title. They insert certain keywords and make it relevant to something that has recently happened. For example, a video about the brilliance of Bob Dylan was repurposed when he won the Nobel Prize.

Doing this improves the chances of you generating leads. If that post was already a winner, it can be used again to regenerate interest in your site.

7.     Using CTAs to Your Advantage

CTAs can be used to generate more leads

Call to action, or CTAs are essential for a blog. Blog writers often make use of them to promote a sale, a product, a service, etc. Hence, they should be used without fail in blog posts to promote your business. CTAs can be used to promote another blog post, a partnership, a new discount, or a new offer. If you hire professional blog writers to generate content for your blog, they can consistently promote your business.

Use Slide-in CTAs

Slide-in CTAs are a little different from normal CTAs. They pop up when you’re reading a blog post. They usually come in the form of a box or a banner in the corner of a post. A slide-in CTA invites you to download the latest book or to subscribe to a newsletter. It can be very useful when attracting more leads to your business.

8.     Improving Readability

Google search results prefer readable content

Readability is paramount when it comes to writing blogs. Professional blog writers often take care of the fact that their content is readable. They make sure that the blog sentences aren’t too long, breaking up longer content into smaller paragraphs. This ensures that the content is skimmable.

It shows the reader that the content is light, readable and not heavy. Shrinking down sentences also helps improve readability since it ensures a low level of complexity. Overall, this is what Google prefers in its content. It should be readable for all those who click on it, and it should convey something of value. Hence, people will consider it valuable information and stay longer and read longer. That’s something that every blog should strive for.

9.     Writing on Trending Topics

Trending topics can generate a lot of leads

You can never control what people will be interested in, but you can deliver content related to it. Trending topics are the easiest way to get people to click on your blog post. However, you need to generate something of value regarding that topic; otherwise, you will get diminishing returns.

Hiring professional blog writers can give you an advantage in this field. This means that you can generate content that is relevant to your niche and related to that topic. Not all blog writers can do that effortlessly. It requires a knack that only comes with experience and learning.

Trends are an opportunity no one should let go of when generating leads. It does translate to only short- term gains most of the time. However, that short-term spike can be leveraged for a lot of revenue generation. It’s a mistake to let it go.

10.   Pro Keyword Placements

Keywords need to be leveraged properly

Keywords are the bedrock of SEO. Every single blog writer knows that they’re important when you’re ranking in Google or any other search engine. However, most bloggers don’t know how to use them properly.

Stuffing keywords doesn’t work at all since Google has made its algorithms much smarter. Using random keywords in blog posts that have no relevance to a certain topic also doesn’t work. In fact, it can downgrade your blog post or site overtime. However, using keywords properly and placing them organically within a blog post can work wonders.

You can find blog posts that were written over a decade ago appear as the first result for a query. That doesn’t just happen. It can either mean that it contains really valuable content, or that it includes organically-placed keywords.

Hence, hiring a great blog writer or blog writing service will give you that advantage. With keywords boosting your blog posts further up the search results, you will get better leads inevitably.

Professional blog writers can help your site improve its lead generation over time. They are not just an expense, but an investment for your time and money.

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