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Check If You Are A Victim Of The Facebook Recent Data Breach With These Tools


…it is no doubt third-party software gives additional security, compared to inbuilt software.

The Facebook cyberattacks is the latest trendy news in respect to the millions of users that got affected. Accordingly, Facebook’s user-base within the 106 countries its services got hacked over 533 million accounts was breached by unknown perpetrators accessing Facebook user IDs, cell phone number, address info — leaking this information has placed Facebook on a tight spot.

No matter how the internet appears to be secured, there is always a loophole — unauthorized persons usually figure out these tricks to initiate cyberattacks. Several tools could determine a possible data breach or any kind of compromises tied with the internet — Facebook users who suspected their accounts were tampered with are advised to check for a possible hack activity.

For instance, Have I Been Pwned created by Troy Hunt is a prominent tool that scrutinizes potentially compromised data. While accessing this tool, it displays the entire fact tracing the possible hack activity — especially Facebook’s compromises. Have I been pwnd is designed to autonomously function as a tracker that scrutinizes any data linked with the internet.

To utilize Troy Hunt’s “Have I been hacked” tool, you only need to input details such as email address to determine possible data compromises linked with the given electronic mail address. Nonetheless, Troy noted that Have I Been Pwned will be tweaked to access phone numbers to also determine a possible hack.

“Should the FB phone numbers be searchable in @haveibeenpwned?” Troy Hunt replied in his initial tweet “thinking through the pros and cons in terms of the value it adds to impacted people versus the risk presented if it’s used to help resolve numbers to identities (you’d still need the source data to do that).”

Meanwhile, other websites such as “The News Each Day” have already developed the tool that accesses cell phone numbers to determine a possible data breach. You can also check if your Facebook account was compromised by hackers in the recent cyberattack against social media.

In contrast with Troy Hunt’s “Have I Been Pwned,” “The News Each Day” is still a start-up tool but as efficient as expected. Troy’s tool has been accessed by a majority of the Facebook user base due to trust and being the first to broadcast Facebook’s cyberattack.

Afterward, realizing your data has been hacked, TechBooky suggests you use a password manager, specifically built by third parties to improve safety prompts on already compromised data. This autonomously keeps track of all your passwords linked to the internet and obstructs an ongoing data breach from spreading to affect other passwords.

Most preferably, the two-factor authentication serves as the most secured tool that alerts you as it user against a potential data breach with newsletters.

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