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Google Maps Revealed New Feature That Lets Users Share A Quick Location Update and More


…Google’s navigation experience becomes more interesting.

Lately, Google has been modifying its products, giving its users a good experience. Google Maps — a new feature dubbed “drawing” and Photos that allows users to contribute their considered opinions to map locations without anticipating a review.

Just as Google Maps enables Photo, Google Maps intends to add Drawing as its upcoming tweak in its mapping platform very soon. Maps Photos allows you to share images with captions that serve as short descriptive text. Sharing images via Google Map is related to the snapshot of the recent place you visited without a rating or leaving a review of shared contents.

According to Google, users are responsible for reviewing comments that usually end up unimportant to other users, “Seeing is believing, and photos are a great way to learn more about a place. But sometimes you need a little more information, like if a restaurant’s outdoor dining area is shaded on hot days or how crowded a parking lot for a popular hiking trail can get on the weekends.”

The latest Google Maps version has a button labelled “upload a photo update” that allows you to choose multiple images as-well-as posting with a descriptive caption. The “update” tab is where posts are displayed under another feed tab Google dubbed “from visitors.” This tab for posts appears next to the messages tab exclusive for business accounts.

Google is also hosting a “local love” challenge exclusive for its US user-base. According to Google, the local love challenge will “rally vital reviews, photos, and updates” for domestic business in the States. The challenge is scheduled for a month timeline to update status with feeds users can personally relate to and add their opinions via the “contribution” tab.

“Each contribution will count toward a collective goal of updating 100,000 businesses. We’ll use feedback on the Local Love challenge to guide future campaigns in more countries,” the love challenge is a means to test-run its new feature that is supposed to bolster businesses.

Also, Google spokesman said: “In 2020 alone, Local Guides added more than 8 million places to Google Maps, from local businesses and services to parks and plazas. And during a year where we saw much change, they went above and beyond, and updated business attributes on more than 17 million places in Maps, like if a restaurant offers takeout or is open for dine-in.”

Nonetheless, millions of users worldwide are already utilizing Google’s authorized navigation guide platform — with roughly 150 million users overtime. In the space of six years since Maps came into existence, its users have managed to contribute over 200 million visited locations as-well-as the reviews, ratings, and other content shared by users. Google also disclosed its upcoming new road editing tool they dubbed “drawing.”

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