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Google Photos Now Used By 500M People, Gets New Features While Google Drive Now Has 800M Users


Google photos is now used by over 500 million people and is getting new features like Photo Books, Suggested Sharing and Shared Libraries.

Now Photo Books allows you take photos and transform them into some kind of book you can send to others. This means you will also be able to for instance add a cover to it to provide an insight to the other party just what they are about see. blog_post_-_photo_books_io_R7WV1VP.width-980So you can have a book titled “football games” which might contain photos of Junior playing football which you want Aunty Bisi to see somewhere in London. As Google puts it, “what used to take hours in front of a computer takes just a few minutes with Google Photos. Photo Books are incredibly easy to make”. Once you click on the feature, Google Photos will help you scan through relevant memorable pictures for you to add to your book using its machine learning tools.

With respect to pricing, a 20-page softcover book starts at $9.99, while a 20-page hardcover book goes for $19.99 and is now available to users in the US on the web followed by iOS and Android next week. We don’t know yet when other countries might be getting this feature.

Suggested Sharing on the other hand will notify a user when Google thinks you should share a photo with others. The app will automatically select photos it thinks you should using machine learning and all you have to do it tap the send button and it’s done. So you take a photo at an event with Ahmed, you get notified that you should share the photo with them so that they can have a copy on their device too.


The last feature here is Shared Libraries and it works using machine learning such that photos are shared automatically with people you care about without you having to this manually. As Google puts is, “You can give them access to your full photo library or, if you prefer, only photos of certain people or from a certain date forward.” You don’t have to remind your partner each time you take photos to send them to you again because they will be automatically shared with them.


Google also announced yesterday that Google Drive is now actively used by 800 million people monthly.

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