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Group DM feature comes to Twitter


You can finally have private multi-person conversations on Twitter. This is similar to chat room services by Facebook and other platforms. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter didn’t have this feature but with this, many twitter users can use this without having to subscribe to another platform. This feature is called Group DM (group direct message). It will be rolled out in a few weeks and when it goes live, we’ll bring this to you.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter affords you the opportunity to connect with people who are not necessarily your friends and these people can be added to your group DM. You follow people on twitter not because you know them personally, but because they may say things you like or wish to learn from. Facebook allows you to do this with close friends and family while Twitter goes beyond this in it framework.
However you may take this though, it’s a pretty cool feature that should have come sooner.

Image Source: TechnoBuffalo

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