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LinkedIn Aims To Connect Students To Jobs With New App


LinkedIn has a new app out and it’s called LinkedIn Students. It’s a new iOS and Android based app that allows students upload data and based on that they will be matched with jobs in their field. The app which requires that you have a LinkedIn account is designed to carve a niche for students who otherwise may feel they may not be able to connect and compete with other users on the LinkedIn platform. The app is not just for jobs but has a bit of mentoring and studies embedded. LinkedIn Students shares recommended articles with you by influencers. This information is displayed based on how close you are to graduating. So articles that feature influencers talking about things like their first job or others subjects that deals with what they went through at your age would be prominently featured.

                                              LinkedIn Students 1 LinkedIn students

Alumni is also a great place to start for students when it comes to job adverts and this is something the app aims to capitalise on. So you’ll be able to see organisations recruiting at your school and this means you applying as a students to such organisations may increase your chances of getting a job. Recommended companies based on your major is another feature of the app.

But LinkedIn as it is today already features some of the mentioned services. What makes this different is that it’s for students and has a more refined search algorithm which brings students closer to jobs and recruiters. LinkedIn students 2With this LinkedIn has just become an online work agency leveraging on its over 250 million user database to make it easier for students. LinkedIn has about 40 million registered  students and a separate app for them will encourage more students who before now didn’t want to join the world’s biggest professional social network by user base to have a rethink.

The app is currently available only in the United Sates and will be available internationally later this year. When the launch internationally and is available in countries, we’ll be sure to bring this to you. In the mean time, be sure to check their page often on Android. Here’s a link to the iOS app

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