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Microsoft To Expand Cortana (it’s digital voice assistant service) To Android And iOS


Microsoft has announced the launch of its Cortana app. Microsoft has recently pushed its “companion” service for use not just on its Windows platform. This service will also be available on its new browser Microsoft Edge. The announcement was made by Joe Belfiore (head of Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group) who added that Cortana would eventually be the first personal digital-assistant who works across your PC and Phone.

Here’s a summary of the announcements as seen on the Microsoft blog

Today’s three announcements illustrate how serious we are about ensuring your Windows 10 PC will be amazing at working with all your devices.  We think no other PC operating system can do all this:

  1. The Phone Companion app on Windows 10 PCs will help you setup a Windows phone, Android Phone, or iPhone to ensure your key Windows experiences—your photos, your music, your docs– move effortlessly wherever you do.
  2. The updated Xbox Music app on Android and iPhone will enable free streaming playback of your music files and playlists from OneDrive, so all your music is available wherever you are.
  3. A companion Cortana app for Android and iPhone connects the world’s only personal digital assistant from your PC to your phone… right there to buzz you for reminders, answer your questions, and be your personal helper not just on your PC but on your phone, too.

At Microsoft, we want everyone to love not just their Windows 10 PC, but all the devices they own, working with their Windows 10 PC.

Apple already has Siri and Google has Google Now.

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