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The Healthcare Platform Created By MobiHealth And 9mobile Gets World Bank’s Recognition


Dr. Funmi Adewara, the founder of MobiHealth international just bagged the  well-deserved the World Bank SDGs and HER Global Awards 2020. She was alco celebrated with the service provider company 9mobile that partnered with her to establish the Good Health and Well-being platform and amenities that connected Nigerians to an active Telemedicine network, ensuring a comfortable and sustainable society.

Dr. Funmi Adewara is known for her skills in the business space where she has managed to merge technology and healthcare to deliver on promises and little wonder, she got acknowledged for supporting Sustainable Development Goals. This plan is crafted to accomplish its targets in the next decade. Unlike the rest of the nominees in her category, she was awarded for using her resources to protect the Nigerian healthcare system. She was amongst the seven nominees who used their resources to manage the health crisis as an honorable guest at the United Nations’ award ceremony at the General Assembly. Adewara’s Telemedicine consultation revealed the Nigerian health sector’s deficits and the amount of practical impact she accomplished in a short-while which resulted in the celebration.

                                                      Dr. Funmi Adewara, the founder of MobiHealth international

As the covid-19 pandemic persists, leading to many businesses coming to a halt, Telemedicine became a useful tool for many who needed the attention of doctors remotely. Telemedicine is new in Nigeria but became quite popular this year as a result of the pandemic. The healthcare crisis in Nigerian was duly managed with Dr. Adewara’s technological influence. She partnered with 9mobile a telecom operator in Nigeria to establish the lucrative telemedicine platform to curtail the spread of the virus.

Despite the challenges related to the pandemic, Dr. Adewara made it possible to continue business operations in compliance with the social-distancing rule. The services offer free teleconsultation services and online and offline screening against covid-19. Her noticeable entrepreneurship skills helped her successfully manage MobiHealth to attain its international credibility.

Abdulrahman Ado, the Executive Director, Regulatory and Corporate Affairs’ applauded the partnership between MobiHealth International and his company. They had to combine their resources to promote the healthcare services designed with accessible features to deliver free professional medical screening in Nigeria. The program has also encompassed its services to the northern part of Nigeria to solve the healthcare crisis in Kano. Meanwhile, the entire Nigeria is connected to a platform that grants individual access to unlimited Healthcare consultation via the web, mobile apps, and voice or video calls to gain professional consultation without physical contact.

“we join all Nigerians to celebrate with Dr Funmi Adewara and her MobiHealth team on a well-deserved award. The award is a statement to their relentless efforts to provide a non-stop service linking thousands of Nigerians with world class Healthcare. We are glad that 9mobile was a part of this exciting journey and we wish MobiHealth international more successes in the future,” he said.

MobiHealth’s telemedicine consultation platform is forecasted to be as twice as lucrative in the nearest future, whereas the accessibility of technology and healthcare connecting Nigerians with an online venue will ensure telemedicine consultations make possibilities to gain professionalism over time.

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