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Mozilla Launches Picture-in-Picture Support In Firefox 71, Blocked Over 1 Trillion Trackers Since Sept.


Back in September, Mozilla announced that it had released an update that would allow its browser to block all third-party trackers by default. For users who upgraded to Firefox 70, you would have noticed the shield icon before the URL in the browser that tells you whether a site has a tracker or not.


Since then Mozilla now reports that it has blocked over one trillion trackers since then.

But the internet company is now announcing a new feature in Firefox 71 called a Picture-in-Picture support for Windows. First you would need to download the latest version of the browser and once that is done and next time you are watching a video and want to make it pop out while you carry out other tasks on your PC, you just have to hover and a blue “Picture-in-Picture” can be seen on the video. Click on that button and the video will open in a standalone player window that can be moved around the screen into any position desired. Even though it’s available just on Windows for now, it will be available on Mac and Linux come January 2020.

This feature is similar to Netflix’s pop-out player that allows you do other things while watching your shows. The new Mozilla Picture-in-Picture feature may not be a perfect replacement for the second screen experience but it certainly provides a great alternative to laptop users who wish to multi-task.

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