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Nokia To Set Up First Lunar Telecom Network Along With NASA And Machine Intuitive


Have you ever doubted your chances of visiting space and take a picture and send to your friends instantly? Ever wondered if you would lose all network or internet connections once you land on the moon? Well Nokia has got you covered. NASA and Nokia, have you involved in their plans in creating a suitable lunar experience for humans who wish to travel to the moon and still be connected to a telecoms network.

Just as you know it, the space agency has not been idle in planning the future of when and how humans will set up a lunar presence that tallies with our lifestyle here on earth—corresponding with NASA’s plans. The space agency hand-picked the Finnish telecom company to join intellectual resources to achieve this goal.

In July 20, 1969, Apollo 11, which was endorsed by NASA, achieved the first crew mission to land on the moon. The space agency is about to hit another world record with the Artemis program. They chose the Finnish telecom company Nokia to build the first cellular network to function in space, and the intuitive Machines, a private spacecraft design company. The Artemis program by NASA plans to launch in the nearest future, roughly by 2024 after every other has been put in place. Aside from being the first to establish a mobile network, the program also aims to research the human essentials for its long-term lunar presence.

On Monday, Nokia announced the installations of the first lunar wireless broadband communications service set to commence operations in 2022 in terms of its employer’s (NASA) plan of creating more than a permanent lunar existence. Here on earth, we have achieved more than innovations as Nokia announced that the lunar networks are built to configure itself and initiate a 4G/LTE communications network which will later advance to a 5G network in a short time frame as we are already in the 5G phase.

The Intuitive Machines company will make the Nokia network installation possible as a team member to assist the Artemis program with transporting equipment to space with their lunar lander.

The Finnish telecom company also outlined the lunar networks’ capabilities. It is devised specifically for astronauts to communicate via videos and voice communication systems, allowing biometric and telemetric data from space efficiently. The lunar network connections will give access to the lunar rovers’ remote control and stabilize other robotic devices’ deployment. The lunar network comprises a calculated design that enables the lunar device to bear up against unfriendly conditions on initiating space launch and landing and maintaining function in space.

Also, Nokia said that on commencing its space network operations, the network would be active on 4G/LTE connections since humans have mastered the 4G network’s characteristics based on its reliability and quantity instead of the 5G network we know only a little about.

The Finnish company ended its note saying that 5G will play its part alongside 4G/LTE after its characteristics are known: “pursue space applications of LTE’s successor technology, 5G”.

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