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Instagram Adds A New Feature To Enable Users Shop Online


As Facebook plans to monetize all its platforms, its photo-sharing app has rolled out a new feature that lets users from the US buy or shop products directly from the app, adding a “checkout” feature on items tagged for sale.

Instagram says it is currently in partnership with over 20 brands, including Adidas and H&M.

With over a hundred and thirty million unique visitors daily, many vendors would be looking to be partakers in the bounty. As it stands now, the photo-sharing app features more businesses than personal accounts. Many business owners have leveraged on the platform to promote their products and services.

Although the platform allows users to sponsor ads, those who understand how the algorithm works find a way to sell without having to spend a dime, they know how the hashtag works on posts and stories; they have leveraged on this effortlessly to make a fortune. 

However, some users counter this claim because the absence of links can make it harder to sell on the photo-sharing app compared to other platforms. Users are allowed to post one link on the bio, and that is it. On Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, nevertheless, you can promote links and direct other users or visitors to a site. Perhaps, it’s a deliberate move by the Facebook boss to allow easy penetration of the new feature.

While the newly added feature would boost Facebook’s financial growth, many other vendors would scramble for a slot to be featured as partners.

Instagram said there are currently 130 million people on the wait to reveal product tags in shopping posts. In the nearest future, there will be less brick and mortar business owners as more and more people continue to leverage on e-commerce sites and social networks to promote their businesses. Imaging spending so little for more? No matter how expensive promoting a page costs on these sites, the price can never equate the cost of renting a space for business purpose.

WhatsApp is the only app yet to be monetized.

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