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Best Cell Phone Spy Apps To Secretly Monitor Teens’ Smartphones


There are a good number of spy apps these days. Many are just fake and prank the users when they have paid. Most of them don’t work and come with freaking bad features. We have conducted a comprehensive research and found a list of the best cell phone spy apps for the users. Below given are the apps you can trust for your personal use.

BlurSPY App

BlurSPY truly defines the standard of spy apps. This is the best app in the market at the moment and has been quite popular over the years. Its users have increased from time to time and at the moment, users tag it as the most affordable, most efficient and the best spy app for all android phones and devices. It has more affordable plans as compared the other apps.

  • Best for all android phones and devices.
  • Compatible with all the latest versions of software.
  • Offers over a dozen features to the users.
  • More user-friendly app.
  • Better features with great experience.
  • Offers a remote control option.
  • Maintains privacy and security as it works in background.

Mobile Spy App

This is a very good and one of the best spy apps for any phone. You can use it on android phones as well as iPhone. The app offers a good range of features that make spying on any phone really easy and fun. However, the app is a bit expensive and the packages are less affordable as compared to other apps.

  • Compatible with both android as well as iPhone.
  • Offers a number of useful features for spying.
  • Call tracking, messaging tracking and location trackers included.
  • One of the best spy apps for all device.
  • Works in the background.

MobiStealth App

This is another great spy app for the users. Parents as well as employers can use this android and iPhone spy app to monitor the target devices. Parents will be happy the way this app allows them to keep eyes on their children and monitor their online activities. It has a number of useful features that users will find effective for spying on any device or phone.

  • It is compatible with any android and iPhone.
  • Best app for parents and employers.
  • Offers a wide range of useful features.
  • Providers users with remote control options.
  • It is a bit expensive and has less affordable plans.

PhoneSheriff App

Many users have called this as a reliable and very efficient spy app for android phones as well as iPhone. This app is also one of the oldest ones and offers a good number of features that are essential for spying on any device. However, when it comes to the price and plans, it proves an expensive option as compared to other apps.

  • Good for android and iPhone.
  • Compatible with all latest versions.
  • Offers a number of spying features.
  • Best for parents as well as employers.
  • Make it easy for users to spy on any device.

FlexiSPY App

FlexiSPY is one of the new apps in the market. However, it has become quite popular in a short time. There are many reasons why this app became popular. According to the users, it has a lot of features that allow them to track and monitor any phone with ease. The phone works in the background and makes spying really easy.

  • one of the best and innovative spy apps.
  • Compatible with android devices as well as iPhone.
  • Comes with a good number of spying features.
  • Easy to use and has a simple interface that is user-friendly.
  • Works smoothly in all features and makes spying easy.

True Caller

Here comes the last option in our list. This app is one of the oldest ones and has been around for years. You will find a good fan base of this app. What makes its better than other apps is the great experience. The features are perfect and work effectively.

  • Compatible with android phones and iPhone.
  • Works in the background for better experience.
  • Has a lot of useful features.
  • Best for parents and employers.
  • People in relationships can also use this spy app.


Mia Sophia is a Passionate Blogger and keeps a keen eye on useful apps and gadgets. Enthusiastic about helping and empowering users with Tech related stuff. Absolutely loves running and goes for a run whenever she feels. To know more about her follow her on twitter @miasophia

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