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Rust, Kotlin And Python Among Most Loved Programming Languages, JavaScript Most Used


The Stack Overflow’s 2018 Annual Developer Survey that was released yesterday indicated that Rust is the most-cherished (not most used) programming language by developers. This is the third year consecutively that the Mozilla-sponsored language has managed to retain the top position.

After Rust, the next most loved programming language was Kotlin and then Python in third place. The fourth was TypeScript and the fifth was Google’s Go. Likewise for the third year in succession Visual Basic 6 positioned as the least loved by developers.

Read more: Introduction to Kotlin: Android Programming For Humans

Like I said earlier, in as much as Rust remains the most loved, JavaScript is the most used programming language. That said, the survey said Python is the fastest growing language among developers.

JavaScript is the most used programming language according to the Stack Overflow survey

Notwithstanding taking a gander at programming languages the study, which had in excess of 100,000 reactions from engineers in 184 nations, the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) was also taken into account.

Of the surveyed, almost 75% said they were in reality satisfied with the growth  of AI than they were worried over it. Another 80% said they were not worried about the automation of jobs that comes with AI.

Nonetheless, there are different difficulties with AI and machine learning—like decency and work ethics. Most developers imagine that the makers of such innovation ought to be in charge of it, and just about a fourth of respondents felt that an administrative body should convey the primary duty. Albeit, 58% said that upper administration is eventually in charge of ensuring code is moral generally.

Just around 16% of developers are currently searching for work, however 60% are detached applicants, which a Stack Overflow official statement characterises as “the individuals who are not looking for another activity, but rather would think about new openings.”

57% of the surveyed developers have less than five years of work experience, and around 75% of the overview respondents were recorded as younger than 35 years of age.

Average developer salary stayed at $55,000 even though the disparity is wide enough. Developers in the US earn an average of $100,000 compared to their counterparts across the world.

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