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How Translating Subtitles And Closed Captions Improve Video Content Marketing


The audience that you are trying to reach is constantly bombarded with various types of advertisements, videos, social media, and news headlines on a near-constant basis.  Understanding that your audience, no matter who they are, is constantly surrounded by marketing strategies is only half of the battle. After you realize the monumental task you are up against, you have to figure out how to make sure your own strategy can compete.

This is where using video marketing can really make a big dent in your strategic marketing plan. Using video marketing alone is not enough. Think about all of the different places that you see an advertisement in the form of a video in a day. That is a lot of places! However, there is one strategy that will significantly increase your chances of making an impression on your target audience: closed captions.

Did you know that 85% of the advertisements that people watch on their phones, tablets, and computers are watched with the sound turned off? If you did not know that, then you probably now understand exactly why we are writing an entire article on the benefits of closed captioning your videos. In this article, we will outline the top five benefits of adding closed captioning to your video content.

1.    SEO

SEO is a term that any modern business owner should get used to using in their daily vocabulary. SEO, put simply, is the easiest way to appear higher up in the results for any search on a search engine. When you add closed captions to your video content, you give your video a chance at ranking on the SEO scale. Search engines are not able to rank videos if there is no text to tell them what is being said.

2.    Social Media

The most popular form of advertising on the world of social media is through video content. However, people who are scrolling through their news feeds often do not watch these videos with the sound on. Instead, they prefer to read as the video scrolls through. If you do not have captions, many users will simply choose to keep scrolling.

3.    Email Marketing

Again, understanding the power of email marketing is a necessity in today’s virtual business climate. However, it can seem fruitless to send out written emails week after week. Sending a captioned video is actually a great way to capture your audience and freshen up your marketing attempts.

In order to streamline the closed caption process, you might consider Verbit’s closed captioning software. This type of program helps to automate the process of adding closed captioning to your vides.

4.    Spin Your Content

If you take the time to caption videos, then you can easily turn the same content into a blog post or some other form of content easily at a later date.

5.    Expand Audience

When your content is more easily comprehended, it is going to be seen by a larger audience. More people are going to view it and more people are going to decide to share it with the people who they are friends with.

Final Thoughts

From the perspective of marketing, there is really no excuse to not choose to add closed captions to any of the video content that you create. In general, this practice will build a bigger audience and help you ensure that you are reaching the audience you want to reach in the first place.

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