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Writing That Spotless Tech Startup Pitch To Attract Investors




It takes a lot of effort, creativity, and hard work to launch a successful tech startup. You need to come up with a brilliant, unique business idea that is promising and bound to succeed. Then, you need to figure out exactly how to make it happen. You need to be ready to give it all you’ve got to launch your tech startup and bring something new to the market. But, the hardest part for most startups is finding the funds and investors to support them.

If you’re in the phase of looking for investors to invest in your tech startup, you need to learn how to write a great startup pitch. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know to nail this task and ensure enough funds for your business idea.

● What is a Tech Startup Pitch?

When you’re looking for investors to fund your startup, you need to have a solid plan on how to get their full attention. Your startup pitch is a written presentation of that plan that is supposed to:

  • explain the startup idea
  • provide all the necessary information
  • impress the investors

There are two ways of presenting your pitch- verbally on a live presentation or in writing. In both cases, you need to write it and polish it until it’s perfect.


● Why Do You Need a Startup Pitch?

Nobody wants to invest their money into a vague idea they know nothing about. Your startup pitch is supposed to convince the investors to think about your business idea.

But here are the main reasons why you need it:

  • shows your professionalism
  • gives you a chance to say everything you find important
  • allows you to create a written report on your entire business idea

Without a startup pitch, you won’t be able to present properly or present your idea the way you’re supposed to.

● How to Write a Spotless Tech Startup Pitch?

Let’s take a look at the sections to include and the information to provide in your tech startup pitch.

1.    Introductory Overview

Start by introducing yourself and your company (if you have one) to potential investors. Give them a summary of:

  • who you are
  • what’s your business experience
  • what does your company do
  • what makes you special and unique

Make it a bit more personal so that the investors could see you as more than just a figure talking to them. They need to start getting to know you.

2.    Tech Startup Idea

The next biggest and most important point of your pitch is the business idea you’re presenting. This section needs to be inspiring and visionary so that the investors could see the true potential in you.

Here’s what to include:

  • what’s your business idea
  • what’s the service or product you’ll be offering
  • what makes it smart and unique

Explain your idea, but make it brief and concise. Don’t go into too many details, since you’ll lose their attention quickly. Instead, keep it informative, inspiring, and factual.

3.    Explain The Need For It

Your investors will want to know why you feel your idea is a potential success. That means that you have to explain the following:

  • what problem are the target customers experiencing
  • how is your business idea going to solve it
  • why is there a need for such a solution
  • what makes you think your solution will work

You have to show that you did the research, collected data, ran the numbers, and you know exactly what you’re doing. You have to show how your business idea will fill a certain gap in the market and how it will find its place among the top competing businesses.

4.    Show Your Plan

Now that the investors understand what you’re trying to do, they need to see whether they can trust you with their money or not. That means they’ll expect you to show your plan on making this whole thing work.

So, your pitch will have to provide details about:

  • your team of people
  • the stages of development and launching the startup
  • your plan about the marketing and branding strategy
  • the timeframes for each stage
  • the equipment you’ll be using
  • workplace policy you’ll impose

The more you share, the greater trust you’ll gain from the investors. They need to see this is not just some pipe dream of yours, but you’ve actually developed an entire strategy around it.

5.    Explain The Budget

Your pitch is not going to raise any interest with the investors unless you explain the budget and finances like a professional. Your investors need to know exactly what you need and why.

So, to explain the budget properly, you’ll need to:

  • state the investment budget you’ll need
  • explain what you’ll spend it on (equipment, space, team, research, marketing)
  • predict a return of investment
  • explain the expenses for the first year
  • predict the earnings for the first year

The budget is a crucial point for the investors, so make sure you’ve got it figured out.

6.    Keep it Short

Finally, you have to make your tech startup pitch short. You need to be able to present it in less than 15 minutes, or else you’ll lose the attention of the investors.

So, everything you write needs to be:

  • concise
  • to the point
  • relevant

Lose all the redundant, unimportant, or vague information.

Final Thoughts

When you’re writing a tech startup pitch to attract investors, you have to make it informative and entertaining. You need to help them embrace your vision and start believing in the brilliance of your idea.

Use the tips we’ve shared above to write a spotless pitch and have the investors listening closely to your every word.

Author’s Bio

Dorian Martin is a content writer and a skilled proofreader. He enjoys covering business-related topics and shares advice on how to start a business, run it, and build an online presence. He also works as an editor and proofreader expert at Get Good Grade.

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