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Black Friday Tips for Renewing Your Tech Gear


black fridayBeing prepared for Black Friday is extremely important for renewing your tech gear. Regardless of whether you prefer online shopping or taking on the Friday frenzy on foot, these tips will help you make the most out of the world-famous shopping event.

Always Come Prepared

Taking the Black Friday on randomly isn’t a smart idea – not only due to the crowds, but also in terms of people who will come prepared. Signing up for retailers’ newsletters and liking their Facebook pages is a good way to come up with your shopping list before the Friday frenzy. As sellers, they will be keen to advertise their top deals and as a buyer you will benefit from keeping an eye on these – it’s really a win-win situation. Additionally, signing up for online accounts with your target tech retailers in advance will let you pre-enter the payment and shipping details, which means that buying items will be only a couple of clicks away on the day of the big event. This is especially important owing to the fact that the big retailer websites tend to slow down on Black Friday.

Decide what You’re Looking for


The objective of every retailer is, well, increasing sales – this is best achieved by providing discounts, which is the very point of Black Friday. The biggest risk here is potentially not being able to keep your eyes on the prize – there will be many discounted lucrative tech deals to get into, including both quality products and those that are no good. This having been said, you are likely to go on a shopping spree during the Friday frenzy, which will probably result in a huge amount of spending on items that you either don’t need or simply are no good. Researching the products you want beforehand will help you both keep on track with your shopping and get what you actually do need.

Find what You Need

Product quality isn’t the only issue here – sometimes it boils down to what you’re looking in a tech product. For example, if you’ve decided to buy a brand new TV, keep in mind that the quality ones will set you back up to a couple of thousands of dollars. While there are many quality TV sets, some will fit your preferences better than others. For example, if you can’t decide between an ULED and an OLED TV, click here for full in-detail comparison – you’ll quickly realize that OLED television sets are based on self-illuminating pixels, which allow actual true black, rather than brightness dimming we’re used to seeing on LCDs. ULED, on the other hand, is capable of displaying a wide palette and reproducing a broad array of colors, which makes the images more detailed.

Retailers to Keep an Eye on


  • Wal-Mart – Black Friday deals begin at 6 p.m. on Nov. 24 and continue throughout Nov. 25. These are some of the included deals: Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers at $39, Samsung 65” Smart HDTV at $798 and Apple iPhone 5s 16 GB at $99.
  • Target – Deals here begin, last and end at the same time as at Wal-Mart and offer many discounts from $198 for an Apple Watch Series 1 to iPad Air 2 for mere $274.
  • Best Buy – The deals become available at 5 p.m. Nov. 24 until 1 a.m. and re-open at 8 a.m. on Nov. 25, finally closing at 10 p.m. You can get a 55-inch LED 4k Ultra HD Smart TV for $479.99, $250 Best Buy Gift Cards with unique offers and many other lucrative stuff.

The name of the game on the 24th and 25th of November this year is coming prepared and coming up with a list of things that you actually need. Try to refrain from unnecessary spending and do your research before engaging in your very own Black Friday shopping spree!

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