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Google’s iOS App Now Recommends Articles Related To What You’re Reading


Google’s iOS app will now recommend articles related to what you’re currently reading with the aim of widening your reading horizons and engage you in articulate accumulation of knowledge on particular subject topics of interests.

As a user, the app allows you to swipe up and see additional articles that could be of interest to you. Its index is built into the existing bottom bar that allows you start a new search or share what you’re viewing. When experimented we found out that there’s a problem swiping up to access the recommendations but this just means that Google could still be rolling it out.

Immediately you swipe up on the bottom bar, a light-box display appears with a variety of related contents without having to do some additional searches. For instance you are looking for the perfect way to roast turkey, the app may show you other recipes or methods of preparation just by a simple up and down swipe.

Even if you’re in a rabbit hole or reading about new photography techniques or looking for where to go for vacation next, the new function could help with finding what you’re looking for with an easier, quicker and stress free process. Presently, this search and discover feature is only available in the US on iOS. You have to be within the Google app to see it, though, so if you’re browsing with Safari, it won’t appear.

Related content is something that has come under fire lately and depending on how you see it, it could be a good or bad thing. Think about this era of fake news and its consequences on political processes across the world, Facebook for example has come under fire for not doing more to combat it. This is the reason the social media giant decided to partner with some fact checkers to improve the quality of its related articles section.

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