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iPhone And iPad Users Can Now Download And Play Super Mario But Here’s What To Know About That


It was announced back in September that Super Mario could come to the App Store before the end of the year. Well that time was this past Friday and being the most anticipated game of the year, they had to launch it in 150 countries.

Here’s what you need to know;

  • It’s a paid game but you can download and play parts of it for free. It cost $9.99/4,800 Naira to get the full experience and it looks Apple gets 30 percent of your money again while the rest of it is shared between Nintendo and DeNA.
  • It’s like the Super Mario game you know only this time, you play it on an iPhone. You run through virtual worlds collecting coins to build points and life span. You have to avoid those enemies and barriers of course too. Unlike the game pad where you have to do something like ‘Forward-UP”, you just need to tap your phone screen to jump. It almost sounds like Temple Run on mobile.
  • Super Mario will launch on Android next year

Nintendo unveiled a hybrid gaming console last October it calls Switch. It is a hybrid system with two detachable and one hand controllers that are fixed sideways of a small screen. Nintendo which was the console of the 90s at least as far I can remember has been overtaken by Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox but with a push into mobile gaming, the Nintendo brand is coming alive again not that it died though. Pokémon Go launched with a huge bang this year and if you remember, they were partners on that project and now it looks like their name may be associated with another highly anticipated mobile game twice in a year and that’s a good thing.

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