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Kids Attraction With WhatsApp: Is Secrecy Essential?


It’s been a long time now when a man named “Papworth “sent his first message to their friend regarding “Merry Christmas.” After almost two decades now we have short message service all across the globe. In the modern world, developers have made plenty of social apps for sending and receiving messages. However, the young generation is at top using social apps. The most popular app for mobile messaging is Whatsapp. It has dominance over robust Facebook messenger, almost 100 million messages sent on every month. Young teenagers use these particular dozens of times in a single day.

This mutant behavior towards Whatsapp could spoil them, and detract them from their compulsory responsibilities like school, social interaction with family members and their surrounding neighborhood. The horrible habit of using the social app like WhatsApp also may cause some serious health issues physically and psychologically as well. Parents should take notice of their kid’s activities while they were using the app like Whatsapp. Parents should realize their moral support for their children and should keep an eagle eye on their child’s online activities.

Privacy is essential for kids while using the fatal app like WhatsApp:

Don’t let your child save stranger contacts:

Teach your children don’t keep an unknown contact in their WhatsApp whom they never meet face to face. Parents should check their device and ask your kids that he or she has the unknown contact in their smartphone or not. Parents should help your child to understand the circumstances regarding strange people. Tell them unknown people in their contacts can harm them.

Let your child stay away from inappropriate content:

Parents should be well aware of adult content can be available on WhatsApp, therefore warn your child don’t view the inappropriate content on WhatsApp. They got to know if their child is doing adult content stuff, whenever they perceive their infants were spending most of their on WhatsApp.

Don’t permit the underage child to use WhatsApp:

Most of the parents don’t stop their child to use WhatsApp even they are too young ultimately kids become fond of unhealthy activities on WhatsApp. A parent should take the step ahead and do not allow their child who is too young for this particular app.

Be strict with your kids while sharing photos, videos and images stuff:

This is the point where your kids can spoil themselves by sharing videos, photos, and images. These pictures they can view if someone else has shared videos having adult content and photos having the luxurious life, it makes them unhappy and full of stress while watching others life parts.

Monitor your kids while a group was chatting in WhatsApp:

Parents should know that WhatsApp has a feature of group chatting, in which almost 100 people can do chat in a single stream. So, keep an eagle eye on that particular chat because admin can add a stranger and your kids may make relationships with unknown people. Parents can monitor mobile devices with the help of spy software available in the market. They can monitor every activity of their child with software 24/7.

Teach your kids how to delete and block an unknown contact:

Parents should be friendly with young teenagers, give them the friendly environment, guide them if someone is chasing them through WhatsApp, if someone passes on their contact to someone whom they don’t know, then teach them how to report that particular contact and how to block them. Tell them there some predators who can pretend to be their friends, but in reality, they can harm them. So, don’t trust the unknown person on WhatsApp.

Create their interest in the real world:

Parents can create kid’s interest in the real world; they need to guide them the online world is an artificial world, teach them to make friends in the real world and spend their most of time face to face with their friends, it will help them to understand how to stand in reality. 


Meeting with the issues of children in dramatically increasing the online world, guidance for kids is compulsory. So, parents should realize while purchasing devices which enable their underage kids to become obsessed with a social app like WhatsApp. No doubt technology has brought enormous gifts for mankind, but at the same time issues too. So, secrecy is truly essential for kids while using social apps.

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Nicki is a technology writer, security apps adviser and also social media marketer. She writes on latest trends and gadgets check her main interest in hidden spy app for android. To know more about her follow on twitter @Nickimarie222.

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