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WhatsApp Will Soon Allow You Watch YouTube Videos Directly From Chat


Have you ever felt sad or angry when someone sends a WhatsApp video or video link in your chats box and with a click it redirects you to your YouTube account to view it from there then when done you can you go back to your chat box to response or comment, WhatsApp is making plans to ensure you don’t have to worry able it your YouTube videos been redirected from your WhatsApp chat box you can now view it from there.

These feature is a hidden feature which will be part of the update version 2.17.40 coming soon but this isn’t available to users yet but with this update WhatsApp users will watch YouTube videos as picture in picture mode without it redirecting you to your YouTube account so without opening once YouTube account you can also watch this videos and reply or response to your chats simultaneously with ease.

According to report made early today, these features will work on Apple’s latest products which are iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s , iPhone 7 and 7plus which is mostly because of their big screens and the comparability of these new features with the phones. For now it is unclear when these feature will roll out for iOS users but soon it sure will , then followed by the android and the windows phone users so lets get ready for a whole new experience from the largest messaging company.

WhatsApp users can now expand a video without pausing it or hiding it completely just to read chats and they are creating a section in which it allows you watch your videos from YouTube in fullscreen mode, but this videos will not open in a different chat window expect from the person that sent the video link in the first place.

WhatsApp has over 1.2 billion users globally and its keep adding daily making it the largest messaging platforms. This year keeps getting better for all WhatsApp users with its added updates features making this App more user friendly and fun and something you can’t wait to turn on your phone and slide it in it , to read and reply your messages from your chat box.

These new added features in the update version 2.17.40, contain features which are super cool now you can share and accept all kind of files,  photo albums for groups, also added the ability to pin top important groups or favourite and frequently individuals chats to the top of the chat list to enable quick and easy access to the, without having to scroll up or down to find them before chatting in it. The Facebook owned company has yet again given its users reasons to stay glue to their screen and have reasons to look forward to every message on their chat box because it has a lot in it that will keep the smile on their faces and keep the fun on.

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