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5G and Coronovirus: YouTube To Start Restricting Videos From Spreading Further

Paul Balo

YouTube is adding its voice to the 5G and Coronavirus conspiracy and has decided to do something about it by finding a way to restrict the spread of fear inspired notions dishonestly associating 5G and the coronavirus pandemic after a series of assaults on cell towers.

YouTube has branded such videos “borderline content” meaning they violate its policies.  Speaking to CNN, a YouTube rep said that the videos could lose advertising revenue and will be removed from search results. The company said it is also reducing recommendations of such content in its algorithm.

5G allows for speeds of up to 10 times what is obtainable in the current 5G and is expected to give rise to new industries by creating about 23 million jobs globally. 5G falls on the electromagnetic spectrum and for those who aren’t technical enough, it’s simply the range of frequency of electromagnetic waves (responsible for the signal you get on your phone, TV, Wi-Fi etc) and their wavelengths (how far they can travel which depends on the frequency itself). We know for example from basic Physics that the bigger the frequency value, the shorter it can travel. 5G will use spectrum in the existing LTE frequency range (600 MHz to 6 GHz) and also in millimetre wave bands (24–86 GHz). Let’s leave it that since we’re not in class.

But here is what those who say 5G makes you sick don’t consider, 5G, 4G and those before it all belong to a class called the non-ionising waves on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Be that as it may, bogus notions encompassing 5G’s association with the novel coronavirus have been around since the infection previously reared its ugly head in China. There is no proof connecting 5G networks and the spread of coronavirus.

It has become imperative for Google’s YouTube to speak out after many of such bogus videos have found their way to the platform with some already having hundreds of thousand of views already. YouTube may not take some of them down but will degrade them in search while some may be outrightly banned according to those privy to the video streaming site’s plans.

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