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Here Are 7 Facebook “Must Knows” For All Users


If social media was a world filled with countries, Facebook will be its largest country, standing at over 2 billiion in “citizens”, it stands close to 1/3 (one-third) of the entire world population and growing. While not everyone who is this massive network of people spend substantial time on it (especially those of the older folks), Facebook has effectively become the news, information, gossip, catch-up and almost everything centre for most people.

It is however shocking to know that not everyone knows about the settings that are sometimes not in plain site on the facebook. This can be akin to not knowing the laws that regulates a nation. Therefore, the aim of this article is to bring the settings we may not know about to our doorstaps

  1. Read hidden requests.
  2. Check where your logged in
  3. Log in approvals
  4. Trusted contacts
  5. View activity log
  6. View as
  7. Save a post for later
  1. The simple truth is that your facebook has two “message inbox”. There are days we just look at our inbox and it feels like we effectively stumbled on some messages you never knew existed. A friend of mine once came on her whatsapp story/status to lament the fact that she came upon so many messages requesting for her services. Unfortunately, the messages wee about a year old and to make matters worse, she did not even know how she managed to get to those set of messages once she  get there. If you are in that category, here is the simple steps to take: click the message icon, click on message requests and tap “see flittered requests”; and viola you are in the message “secret messages” section.
  2. We have all been there  at that moment when we had to use our friend’s  pc or even phone to quickly check our facebook, and then on getting home you we start scratching our head to determine if indeed we logged out our account or left it for anybody coming on the pc you used to see. Well, fixing this  is rather easy just click on setting, go to security on the left hand side, select where you are logged in and it will show all the browser you have been logged in on just click on “ old activity on any of the browsers, and the actively on that account would have been effectively logged out.
  3. Log in approvals: facebook couches it as “use your phone as an extra layer of security to keep other people out”. This is also done from the security tab of the facebook account from another device, it prompts you to enter your password. It goes one better when you are logging in using a device you have never used before as it prompts you to enter a password that has been sent to your phone. The one draw been of this security is the nagging question of “what happens if one losses the sim/phone which is pre registered on facebook?”
  4. Trusted contacts: Another layer of security on facebook. Trusted contact is chosen to give an individual “trustee functions on ones facebook. It is a provision for uncertainly in the event of one not being available to administer one’s account or even in the fine of death. The trusted  contact has the powers to manage the account, accept friend requests,  change profile picture, but cannot chart or reply messages
  5. View activity log: feeling lazy and have so much time to unwind and spend on facebook? Well you may want to see all you’ve ever commented on, liked, posted, reacted to, virtually all you have ever done on facebook just click on view activity and it all comes through.
  6. View as: This is for these who might activity enjoy snooping on themselves. It one wants to see how anybody (not you) sees your profile, just click on view activity log and then click on “viewing” you can view as public to see your page from the outside lens. It helps monitor what can be seen and what you don’t want to be seen can be taken out.
  7. Save a post for later: i actually enjoy this if i come across a post/ i will love to see but maybe i am low on bandwidth, data or just plain tired; then i can save for late. Just click the down arrow in the upper right corner of the post, click save like, and it is saved. The saved posts can be viewed in the saved tab located on the left side of the homepage.


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