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Sony Pictures Replace Starz With Netflix Streaming Services


…the cinematic deal starts next year, 2022.

Sony Pictures is bringing its new set of theatrics to Netflix — they hitched a new deal that permits Sony Pictures to share their fanbase and contents with Netflix. The deal is specially dedicated to the upcoming movies including Morbius and Uncharted — these home videos still in theatrical productions, set to roll out in 2022. Meanwhile, the deal is expected to commence when they hit the box office, Deadline writes.

Netflix the streamer becomes a preferred choice of Sony Pictures to air their theatrical productions rather than stick with Starz that previously had the exclusive deal with Sony. Netflix’s “pay one window” is Sony’s centre of attention — the streamer already enabled the “pay one window deal” for Sony’s animations.

“At Sony Pictures, we produce some of the biggest blockbusters and the most creative, original films in the industry,” Sony Pictures’ president of worldwide distribution and networks, Keith Le Goy shared comments. “This exciting agreement further demonstrates the importance of that content to our distribution partners as they grow their audiences and deliver the very best in entertainment.”

Although this kind of deal is rare in the cinematic industry. Still, as expected of Sony’s deal with the streamer, it is all-encompassing whereby the Sony Pictures subsidiary studios such as Screen Gems, Columbia Pictures, TriStar Picture Studios, and Sony Pictures Classics — will display their theatrical products on Netflix, starting next year.

“Starting in 2022, Netflix will be the first US streaming home for Sony Pictures films following their theatrical releases,” Netflix shared a tweet on their social media, explain their consortium with Sony Pictures. “Get ready for UNCHARTED, MORBIUS, BULLET TRAIN & WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING, plus future sequels to VENOM, JUMANJI, BAD BOYS & SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE”

Remember, Disney and Netflix had a similar deal that worth almost $300 million for three years, whereas Disney subsidiaries such as Warner Bros regular ignored the pay one deal with Netflix — redirecting their theatrical products to other streamers including HBO Max and Disney. Meanwhile, these streamers are owned by Disney.

Nonetheless, NBCUniversal is likely to ditch Netflix just as Sony Pictures did Starz — NBCUniversal pay one deal is currently active with Netflix, along with its other HBO Max and Universal films theatrical products — its animated Illumination line up. The cinematic company is reportedly discussing with Peacock movies.

Based on uncertainty Netflix is committed to own and buy more qualified movies. The streamer’s new deal with Sony Pictures gives Netflix an edge to access Sony’s original movies directly. Still, Sony’s deal does not restrict them to sell their movies to other streaming competitors in the industry. Accordingly, Netflix will license Sony’s archive, updating their library with Sony Pictures’ old movies.

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