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5 Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Mobile Phone


Buying a mobile phone is a huge step forward in your life. A phone stays with you through thick and thin and fits the whole world right into your palm. Being that special you can’t possibly buy it on a whim, you have to get your thinking gloves on and dig into the gory old details for your research.

Since so many phones are out in the market it can be quite confusing trying to figure out which one suits your needs, but with prices slowly reaching up to a $1000, the choice gets harder and harder. The key point, however, is to know beforehand what your specific needs are or which elements you need to focus on more but in order to make the whole process easier and less nerve wrecking, here are the 5 things you need to consider before you spend the big bucks;

The Display and Overall Look

The first thing anyone’s going to notice in your hand is probably the phones shape before they even set their eyes on what brand it is. The phone should be sleek but it should also feel good and comfortable in your hands. The volume buttons should not be too high and the fingerprint scanner should be just in the right place so you don’t have to stretch your index finger to open up your phone.

The display size depends on which type of activities you like to do on your phone. If you like to watch movies, then the display size should be big enough for you to clearly understand what’s going on in the film. A big screen would also be helpful for sending e mails. You can clearly read what you are writing.

The Battery Life

The best way to assess any phone’s battery life is to read online reviews and talk to people who are already using the phone. Consider buying a phone that charges fast and doesn’t drain pretty quickly. If at the end of the day you are still left with 20-30%, that’s pretty solid. There are special chargers for most android phone that can boost up your charging speed.

The Company and Price

Always do a bit of research on the company whose phone you are buying. Certain companies have a bad reputation whereas some flagships are often more affordable and work the best. The price factor comes into the same discussion because companies like Samsung keep putting out affordable yet top notch phones year after year. If you’re interested in buying one, skimming through the best price for Samsung phones and reading their reviews one by one can be a fairly a great way to spend your afternoon.

The Camera

Every person, who doesn’t even realize it yet, needs a good camera but there are some exceptional photography enthusiasts who love taking it up a notch. You have to look for a camera with a great aperture and shutter speed, which means that it should be able to not only take pictures in daylight but also in low light. Many smartphones from Apple and Samsung (The iPhone X and Galaxy S9) are pretty well adapted to taking pictures in low light, which means that you will be able to take less grainy and clear pictures indoors. If a good camera is really important to you, splurge a little more, it will be worth it.

The Age

Buying a second hand or an old phone can’t be as exciting as unboxing a brand new one, but most people do settle for older models to save a few bucks but this too has a few points you need to be careful of. There is absolutely nothing wrong with investing in an older model or a second hand phone. But you might want to reconsider if the model you are interested in, is older than two to three years because that particular model might stop getting any software updates which also include security patches.

The phone might be powerful or still work smoothly but the old processor is unable to run new games and apps smoothly. So you might experience a lot of crashes. To play it on the safe side, make sure the phone is not older than a year or six months but if you only have to check emails, attend calls and send texts, a refurbished phone can be perfect for you.

It’s always exciting to buy a new phone. But there are several features to look out for. You have to inquire and do your research ahead of times to get exactly what you want. This is one reason why people keep changing their phones because phones have been launching with better features. Smartphones are an obsession in today’s world and competition between companies is at its’ peak.

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